Replacement Sony LAPTOP CHARGER – SONY VAIO 19.5V 4.7A VGP-AC19V20–Non-OEM


(as of 24/06/2017 at 22:49 GMT)

Product Description

This Replacement Sony Vaio Laptop Charger is compatible with the following part numbers:

PCGA-AC19V10/ PCGA-AC19V11/ PCGA-AC19V13/PCGA-AC19V19/PCGA-AC19V2/ PCGA-AC19V23/ PCGA-AC19V25/ PCGA- AC19V26/ PCGA-AC19V27/ VGP-AC19V10/ VGP-AC19V11/ VGP-AC19V12/ VGP-AC19V13/ VGP-AC19V14/ VGP-AC19V19/ VGP-AC19V20/ VGP-AC19V2/ VGP- AC19V23/ VGP-AC19V24/ VGP-AC19V25/ VGP-AC19V26/ VGP-AC19V27

  • Notice: Powercord is not included. Requires figure 8 mains lead(Two-pin plug) to fully match the charger.
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